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This is the cover of my first CD. "Rock That Country". A collection of country, country rock, rockabilly, country pop and pop. Released in the fall of 2010. (Limited Edition) The cover design was the by-product of me not wanting to get too fancy. The picture is of my father's guitar.

With twelve tracks, I can't recall ever feeling so excited until I published my first book. The feature song is called "In The Style Of James Dean". An up-tempo rockabilly song that starts out as tough as the title, 'I got my leather jacket on / I got my hair slicked back / I'm the total package now / with an attitude Jack'

Although, many like the title song, "Rock That Country". Another up-tempo song that can certainly get the party going,  and "It Never Changes", a pop song describing the plight of a man in love with a girl who is in love with someone else. (As it always seems to go) LOL

Never under-estimate the country ballads, "Jennifer's Eyes" and "The Ultimate High". Or the feel good song, "Dancing On The Moon", which I wrote for my youngest sister.

You can check out all of my songs on my Youtube Channel TheCarrollBryant


Also, check out my new Soundcloud page.

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