Time Of No Reply

TIME OF NO REPLY - (Inspired by the creative works of Nick Drake) Two midewestern teens Joey White and Remy Davis, struggle with boredom in the dog days of summer in the year 1973. One is mentally insane. The other is a ghost.

Copyright 2012 by Carroll Bryant
All rights reserved

This is a short story written by Carroll Absolom Bryant. Re-posting or copying this work on your blog or website without Carroll Bryant's permission is strictly prohibited and subjected to prosecution under law. All rights to this story belong to Carroll Bryant. Any or all pictures posted in accordance with this story has been done so with the permission of those who hold the copyrights to those pictures and or are considered public domain under the Creative Commons attribution laws.

Cover picture photographed and designed by Carroll Bryant

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Attribution: Some of the lyrics from Nick Drake’s work has been subtly inserted into the story. The works involved include the following:

“Joey” - “Pink Moon” - “Thoughts Of Mary Jane” - “Time Has Told Me” - “The Way To Blue” - “Poor

Boy” - "Place To Be" - "Things Behind The Sun" - "Know" - "Which Will" - "Parasite" - "Fruit Tree"

"Saturday Sun" - "Day Is Done" - "Fly" - "Free Ride" - "Mayfair" - "Rider On The Wheel"

"Hanging On A Star" - "Harvest Breed" - "Road" - "Voice From The Mountain"

"I Was Made To Love Magic" - "Time Of No Reply"

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