Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sad Days

SAD DAYS - Written by Carroll Bryant

It's bad enough
To deal with what
You've got to deal with
In daily life
Things can get you down
Family is only who you
Say it is
What comes around
Goes around
But when the one you love
Isn't in love with you
There's nothing in this world
That can take away those blues
Sad days are really bad days
In disguise of a purple haze
Sad days never die
It reaches in and pulls out 
Your heart and soul
Sad days never go
Sad days are really mad days
To the wise
And the sunrise
Sad days live in your eyes
It reaches in and
Pulls out your living spirit
Sad days
And I'm living in it
You're living in them
They never go away
Sad days
Forever they stay
Sad days
They never wanna play
Sad days

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