Monday, May 9, 2016

A Timeless Battle Of Love And Evil

A TIMELESS BATTLE OF LOVE AND EVIL - Written by Carroll Bryant

The dawning of the new sun welcomed birth
His first cry echoed through the village
All of the townspeople were aware of the child's 
Fresh beginning in their world

Born a bastard, still a gift from the heavens 
The townspeople celebrated in glorious fashion

The mother proud
The father deceased
The angels gathered to extend their many blessings
Satan swelled into an angry gist of rage
God had spoken to him
Shinning upon him his majestic and magnificent light
Life is gods wealthiest power
And mans most valued treasure

The evil one recoiled 
His best opportunity is time
Enemies must destroy
Present hate and banish the love

"There is no victor until death has touched the heart!" The evil one declared

And so begins another battle of an age long war
Good versus evil
A new war begins

The villagers cringe 
The mother clings to the child with fear in her heart
The angels sing in harmony

The child sleeps peacefully 
And in his slumber, and growth that passes
Seventy-two seasons came and went
The child is no more a child
The child has grown into a man

The sound of horns filled the heavens 
She waged her voice for all to hear upon her birth
A gathering of the holy occurs 
Her presence is glorified 
A destiny given unto her
Someday, this destiny will be achieved 

He, meanwhile, ventures out into his own destiny
Fate beckons us all
Fate beckons him
A journey that must be in order to be
Beauty is disguised 
The dark one tempts him only to be returned
To the fire that he calls home
Disgust reigns in his anger
The mans quest continued
The journeys end still distant

The dark voice screams, "Damn it all to hell!"

Mortality has its price
Sixteen seasons pass
The son of perdition appears
Once again, in the shape of desire

An angelic voice plays upon the mans ears
He kisses the dark spirit
Fooled at long last
And makes the love with all his passion 

A colossal thunder rings out
Lightning extends across the sky
Clouds form
Separating the man from the earth

Eyes tear up in the village
The great Divine weeps blood
The blood spills onto the earth and creates a river

Victory is celebrated by Apollyon 
And time was given to pass

"There is no victor until death has touched the heart", The gargoyles reminded
Their master

"Blasphemy!" Beelzebub replies in forcefulness. 
He spits corpses at them. 
"Ye shall perish, each and everyone if such rubbish persists" 

Silence fell for cold seasons of forty
"No fight is won until my sword has swung" Shouted the almighty 
"And with that sword shall cometh Divine love"
A pause
"Behold thy power unto thine children's eyes"
A pause
"In that destiny be fulfilled. Fate be thy wife."

She did grow into forty-six seasons
Still a child to the wind
To all with exception of one
He laid his sights upon her grace
Her soul
He was captivated beyond mere words
And emotions

He turned against lust
He did battle with Lucifer to regain the promise
Heaven would deliver that sword 
The sword that would deliver him from his tormentor
His torment

Love conquers all evils 
Trust in this and believe in the purest heart
He struck punishing blows against the dark one
He slashed his way slowly out of damnation 
Punishing all the demons who dared fought against him

At battles end, he laid the sword down
His strength weakened 
His weakness strong
He fought for her love
He fought for her
She reaches out to embrace his weary body

They come together at long last

The townspeople rejoice 
The darkness vanishes 
The clouds return to their original place of origin
The sun exists again
The angels sing in harmony 
God smiles upon the village once more

The Father of Lies retreats to the tree of confusion
Defeated, he tells tales about the dirt
His dragons mock his trail 

Peace falls upon all on the earth
Dances are performed

"No such taste so sweet than that of victory" utters the great god
"And victorious, we are"

The dark voice creeps at the feet of the light in lieu of a serpent 
"There is no victor until death has touched the heart"
Did the message arrive
Was spoken

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