Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Naughty By Nature

NAUGHTY BY NATURE - Written by Carroll Bryant

You look at me with the eyes of a demon
Inviting me to jump your love
Pay no attention to the sex I have screaming
Too much you say is just not enough

You're such a hot bitch in heat
Can't wait to get your ass off of the streets

You're just so naughty by nature
Give it up girl
You got dues to pay
You're such a nasty like creature
You don't care and you like it that way
You're naughty

I want your flesh even though you're so stupid
Here is the money and now you know what to do
I have an arrow and tonight I'm your cupid
Show me some snatch and I will stick it in you

You're such an eager beaver trick
Get over here and let me give you a lick

I'm just so naughty by nature 
I get it up and then I take it out to play 
I'm such a nasty like creature
I don't care and I like it that way
I'm naughty 

Some people think that sex in itself should be forbidden
Except for procreation
They wait for marriage and they do it for love
Just to make children
They live in the way where you take only what is given
Too much I say is just never enough

Fuck love

I can't believe the sexual void
Everyone is getting so sex paranoid

When they're just so un-naughty by nature
Shut up the mouth when you got nothing good to say
They're so un-nasty like creatures
They play it safe and they like it that way
Get naughty!

We are just naughty by nature
Give it up
You got dues to pay
We are just nasty like creatures
So just shut the fuck up and do as I say
Get naughty!

We grow up young and end up dumb
And full of cum
 That love becomes lust
And lust becomes trusted 
It leads us to our lay

So soon we grew from me to you
And was told of life's taboos 
So soon they would preach
But never would they teach
And in the process
We broke a law or two

So young or so old
We're all bought and sold
And then we make some lust out of mind claim
For the tender of flesh
From the youth of virgin sex
Is the center of our sexual aim 

Love is our emotional tattoo

Naughty by nature
Beg like a bitch and become my slave
Nasty little creature
Just kids fucking kids all the way to our grave

Go grab a fuck and watch your tension go away
Watch life escape

Get naughty! 

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