Sunday, September 11, 2016

Echos Of The Night

ECHOS OF THE NIGHT - Written by Carroll Bryant

Tonight I fall in love with you again
This time I cry to the whispers of the wind 
The thought 
No matter how discreet
Keeps me dreaming with no answer in sight
With no direction on the street
All I hear is the sound of my loneliness 
As it echos through the night 

Tonight I fall asleep again 
In my desperate despair
Love haunts my visions
My brain doesn't care
Smiles inside of my nightmares 
And it takes every ounce of my strength
To feed my appetite 
Your love is the time of my life
And it always echos in the night 

And when my passion rises to the top
And I can't breathe
My heartbeat never wants to stop
I can't believe
That look in your eyes
No compromise
Nothing seems to make it right
Only the echos all through the night

And when my power urges turn me away
My longing turns back into sin
So quick to look the danger face to face
The whispers in the wind
Start speaking in rhythm once again
And still I know the truth
It's a feeling that I know I can't fight

Echos of the night

Tonight I fall in love with you again
As I gently close my eyes
 This time I die and live way past the end
I see beyond the youth of my life
My heart
Your soul
Blinded by the suns early light
After my loneliness echos through the night 

And still it's just a feeling that you know I can't fight
My world beckons for you to be a part of me
In my life

Echos of the night

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