Saturday, September 24, 2016

Unofficially Dead

UNOFFICIALLY DEAD - Written by Carroll Bryant

I let my conscience be my guide 
I live my life as if I'm never gonna die
But I did and I'm onto a better life
Or so that's what they say
They said
I was proclaimed a husband to my wife
This is right about the time that I realized
I was unofficially dead

There are so many things I longed to be
Her arms began to stopping me
Now there are so many dreams that I still dream
With her I can no longer see

People give me advice
They can't even save their own pathetic lives
They can't even save their children from the crocodiles 
They let them go outside and play
Unsupervised with pedophiles
They live off of their own lies
And to me they made their bed
They know they surely lied
They are unofficially dead

I let my conscience be my guide
I live my life but I don't know why
I go out of my head
I have myself a wife
And now I'm unofficially dead

There are no reasons for me to dream
My nuptials make me want to scream
I don't think that I can breathe
My brain lacks activity 
I wish that I could leave

I step outside my door and look up to the sky
I don't want this anymore
Tears fall from my eyes
I am married to this world
Owned by a wife
And I break my daily bread
Listed as unofficially dead

No one can help me now
I am so far down
Living in my dread
Total regrets 
Looking for a hand
Maybe I'm not a real man
Maybe not yet
Because I'm unofficially dead

I let my conscience be my guide
I let my sorrow be my lonely bride
I'm half awake
I'm half alive
Unofficially I have died

I let my conscience be my guide

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