Saturday, September 17, 2016


EXPLODE - Written by Carroll Bryant

This is the beginning of the end 
Of what I thought would never last
And it did
No one could possibly understand this
Except for me
And I never
I thought I did
To love, so where does it all go and
How in the world did it get there so fast
When in your mind I'm thinking of you
And in the aftermath of misery
It never did exist 

Is it her I forgot to forget?
Sometimes I wonder
Is it for her that I sacrificed my life?
As I explode into another dimension 
I wonder

I really have to wonder

This is the middle of a story that 
Will never stop or start telling itself
And it did
To me it will always continue
To you it rests where it doesn't exist 
I thought it did
In love, and so it is a feeling
The very essence to a soul to soul
It dies to last
When in my mind, your mind is thinking
That my mind will just explode
Leaving the remnants of memories
That you don't even know they exist

Is it her that my eyes have never seen?
And then it's true that my eyes can only see
Is it for her that I sacrificed my blood?
All in the blame of love
I lie
To myself the truth, and I wonder

And to itself I wonder

This is the end of what begins and
But never ends 
To that becomes it
And it did

You can't recognize the face of the ghost
Because you did not see it and I thought I did
In love, and always to the beggar we beg
For mercy not to thrill the goose
Your ruse just couldn't last
As it took on a life of its own
To you I give the gift that lasts forever
My secrecy

Is it her that fortifies my heart?
My loneliness and pain
Is it her to never witness me and the nothing that I gained?

Is it her to know it but to me 
To her
I will never know
Is it her for me to never tell
But to know it that somehow I know she knows

And then my mind Explodes ......

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