Monday, March 13, 2017

Somebody There

SOMEBODY THERE - Written by Carroll Bryant

It's easy to assume that what you read is true
The way that words fall in line 
Perfect rhythm 
Perfect rhyme
But if you want to know the truth 
It's not that hard to do
It's not that easy
And the question still remains the same
What keeps you going?
Why to begin?
Never to end?
And what do you think you are doing?
Is there something for you to prove?
I guess you want to always keep the flame of faith
A burning
Even though you know
Your words will never change the world
Because no one out there is listening
Or reading them at all
No one really cares
But still you hope for shadows 
Of somebody there

It's easy to assume that what you think is true
The way your thoughts fall into place
Blank emotions 
Blank face
The truth is in your heart
And that's a fine place to start 
Where love will burn forever 
To always be together with your time
With the one you want
But that is empty air
You question the lonely heart
When all they really want is what you really want
Is somebody there

And now becomes the meaning of your lead
You lead the way
Forever is the truth you use
You lead the way
The moment of your never leaves you
You lead the way 
The dance within your youth
You're never too misleading
You mislead them anyway
But more than what you can bare 
And what you're really needing
 Is somebody there 

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