Monday, July 13, 2015

The Living Goes On

THE LIVING GOES ON - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Another young, pretty girl, gets abducted 
Everybody's hoping for the best 
Is she dead? 

She's been missing and we've been wishing
And the newspapers have another story

Then they find the body ... and she's dead

The living goes on 

Lunacy is like, all around us 
Every now and then it happens close to the heart
And to the home 

We can't keep pretending that we live in a perfect world 
That government will protect us 
Protect yourselves and your loved ones because 
The living goes on 

Do you want to spend the rest of 
Your life living with the tragedy when
Your baby is gone, and missing forever
Face down in a muddy river
Face down
Look around
Lunacy is standing right in front of you

When the crazy people kill
They really mean to kill 
When your child is dead
They are really dead

Everything is dead

The living goes on 

Education is the best way 
Teach the children not to be so naive 

Lunacy is dwelling deep inside the city
Just outside the country town
Deep inside your pity

The papers get their story
Just another story 
Nightmares are the story 
The living goes on

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