Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Days That Pass (Part 2)

DAYS THAT PASS (PART 2) - Written by Carroll Bryant 

And the days that pass
Are days that pass
Finally, we get the recognition
We were yearning for at last

Politics needs to be believed
Trust needs to be relieved 
People waiting in great mass
One true friend is sure to hide him

In the end we all take part
People protest from the heart 
Shout the name
Lay the blame
Rules are rules
The fools are ruled
This is real 
Feelings feel

And the days that pass
Are days that pass
Walking slow
Running fast
Politics wears its mask

Murdered in the street for nothing
Enough is enough
It's time to put the hammer down
Enough is enough
Life won't let you get around it

Questions need their answers
The people need them too

And the days that pass 
Are days that pass
Are days that pass
And days that will never last 

Except on paper and in the hearts of millions

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