Monday, March 21, 2016

Airport (Flight 481)

AIRPORT (FLIGHT 481) - Written by Carroll Bryant

Can you feel it? 
It feels so strange
Can you see it? 
Life is about to change

The moment is queer
I don't understand
How did I get here?
Where are all of my friends?

Everything is changing
Accept it
Be a man

Everything is in front of you 
Think of all the great things that could happen

Don't bring yourself down
You'll be okay
Take a last look around 

The planes

Waiting at the airport 
Gonna ride the wind
Waiting at the airport
Is this the beginning?
Is this the end?

It's both

"Flight 481 is now boarding at gate 22"

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  1. I wrote this at the airport leaving Norfolk and heading to Ohio. Lorraine interrupted me and I never did ever finish it because I was intending on writing more to it but I never did get back to it. By the time I did, the emotion of the moment was gone. So this is what it became.


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