Saturday, March 12, 2016

Red Society

RED SOCIETY - Written by Carroll Bryant

How can this be?
I thought that we were living in the land of the free?
Why does my flag get me down?
Why am I so afraid of this town?

Evil eyes are searching for me
I got to hide my thoughts in so THEY won't see
It's so hot outside and yet, I freeze
And still can't believe

How can this be?
A prisoner locked up inside the land of the free
(Just for his thoughts in a diary)
Why does my angry heart yearn to burn the flag?

(In a red society)

How can this be?
Evil eyes are searching for me
Locked up inside the land of liberty
Where the only opportunity is "Hide my thoughts in so THEY can't see"
And they can't read my diary

Thank you for locking him away
Thank you for doing this you communist son of a bitch
Thank you for destroying everything I believed
And everything that so many fought for and died
To be free
They sacrificed and gave their lives  .... and you .....
You come along and piss on their graves
And throw freedom away
You throw it all away

"On Wednesday, July 4th, 2001, on all days for this to happen, I read in the Columbus Dispatch that a mans journal, (a mans thoughts) was ruled obscene. The man in question received ten years in prison for what he wrote inside his journal. A story. Something that was make believe."


And suddenly, red society

And then he came along and threw freedom away
He threw it all away

"Communism has a new name ........... O'Brienism"

As in Columbus, Ohio - Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien

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