Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Field Of My Dreams

FIELD OF MY DREAMS - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Behold unto the kiss of family and friends
Where joy begins and extends
Never ends

Behold emotions that travel light years ahead
Where the past is present and in the future's bed

Behold of love within the beating heart
Where the living, giving soul plays a part

Behold the majesty of ones sacred life
Where marriage doesn't always mean to a wife

Behold the mountains of an endless odyssey 
Where destiny meets and mates with eternity

Behold the oceans reflective blue sky
Where hope is born and rainbows thrive

Behold our nature that bleeds onto this earth
Where greed never heeds and makes everything worse

Behold the truth and love what it means
Where family and friends can gather
In the field of my dreams

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