Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Momentary Lapse Of Uncommon Reason


The dust
It takes a ride with the wind
Under the sun
The heat stares it down

No flower grows from the earth today
Don't ask me why
I can't explain
I can only make it worse

What is the worth of a lonely heart?
What kind of value can you get from something so broken?

Children live alone in their home
The parents die
They died long ago
The children are just runaways now
With runaway bones

Orphans at large

The dust will settle down
Clouds will drift overhead
And cool down the night

Like a bird, my vision flies far
To where my dreams overflow 
The morning dances with the dawn
Still, no flower grows

What is the worth of a broken life?
What kind of value can you get from something surreal?

Walking with the company of empty shadows
Of my own silhouette 
With nothing but my cigarettes and violent screams
And the rain

Rainbows disappear 
Footsteps in the mud become the only trail I leave behind
And I don't want to leave behind my fears 

What is the worth of a desperate man?
What kind of a value can you get from something so vain?

For such a life?

How much would you be willing to pay for a second chance?

And to the dust kissing the wind
Still, no flower grows

And so ends the dance

It's just a momentary lapse of uncommon reason
Still, the flower will not grow

And so ends a beautiful romance 

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