Thursday, December 29, 2016


COMA - Written by Carroll Bryant

Insanity rules an aching brain
A deft personality sometimes still complains
My thoughts can be adipose 
Lying here in my comatose
Infected by the memories
That's diagnosed to be
Nothing more than broken hearts disease

So, why all the waiting?
If even some anticipating
Ordinarily I'd do it
Lose my temper
Say, "Go screw it"
But I'm working on the changing

Trying to regenerate 
Perfections of my thinking
Lying here undemonstrative 
Trying to be over creative
You to me and everyone
Breathing oxygen under gods sun
Gods son

Cursing at an angry moon
Dancing when you're in the mood
Daft to pulverize a coma

Standing here in chivalry 
Defeated by the memories
Thoughts suspected and sure to be
Nothing more than broken hearts disease

Awake inside my coma

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