Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Universe (The World)

THE UNIVERSE (THE WORLD) - Written by Carroll Bryant

The blue ball keeps spinning
Father time keeps grinning
Nobody is winning
As the hands on the face
That keeps ticking away

We build our own destruction
On the edge of our new beginnings
Slowly raping the seeds of love 
To us that was given
While knowledge releases power
Our time continues
Counting down the seconds 
Not the hours
The world clings to a universe that refutes them
We cling to its hope and promise
Our potential makes it worse
With trees we carry in our hands
And faces that will never breathe again

We will never see them again

The blue ball keeps spinning
The marble
Father time is still grinning
He's crazy
Mother Nature cries
Her children never die
They live on in the underworld 
Of the blue ball
The marble

Keeps spinning

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