Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Evil

IT'S EVIL - Written by Carroll Bryant 

It's evil * I don't know how much longer I can hold it back * This feeling * Keeps on getting stronger * My heart is on the attack * I keep watching you * And every move you make * I hang on your every word * That you decide to say * Precious is the moment that tears me up inside * There's no doubt about it * Your love is my high * To go without your heart * To go without your touch * Can't get me what I'm desperate for * Sometimes I miss my lunch *

It's evil * So close to your sin * I've got to beg for your attention * Kill my only friend * In hopes you will start falling in love with me too * Don't want to talk about it * Nothing I can say or do * You don't have to look so hard * My soul * My eyes give it away * It's like a dream * And I'm sleeping my whole life away * It's my secret * One I will take to my grave * I'm keeping * You forever on my mind * Can't waste an opportunity * To see what I might find * Or maybe to go outside * And play with your time * And hope that I can find a way to make you mine *

It's evil * To go without your love * To live without your touch * I love you so god damn very much * I live to be your sin * You have to understand * Just how deep I am in * And if this is just a dream * Don't wake me from this day * I will not a awake * Just put me in my grave * Precious is the moment that tears me up inside * There is no doubt about it * Your love makes me cry * And I'm sleeping * keeping still for all time * In hopes you feel the same * And we can fly the skies forever * And if we cannot be together * It's evil *


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