Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Desert Lights

DESERT LIGHTS - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Their flying like kites
Looking like pies in the sky
Go to bed and think that you're safe and sound
Hear a noise
Oh, boy
It's nothing but something landing on the ground
Touch down
Turn around
Look at what I found
You need to see it
For seeing is believing 
You can't believe it
This is blowing your mind

They're flying like nothing at all
Nothing like you ever saw
Nothing like you ever knew
Desert lights are shinning down on you

It's not Superman on a quest to save the land
Looking like pies in the sky

They talk to me
And we communicate
All the while the men in black
They sit and wait
But I'm not running
I'm not running away
I'm far from being nervous
I'm far from being scared
In the hopes of true believers 
They're flying absolutely everywhere

They're here
We're there
Thoughts that can radiate 
Dreams that they can confiscate 
Looking like pies in the sky
Gathering at will
Gathering tonight
To watch the desert lights

You have seen the movies
And now you get to see it in real life
Looking like pies in the sky
Watching those desert lights

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