Tuesday, June 16, 2015


HEAVEN - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Every time I'm near you * Looking at your face * I get so nervous and confused * Don't know what to say * And so it is I speak not a single word * But in my heart and soul to soul * Praying to the angels that you heard *

Feelings that I feel so deep inside * Escape on a runaway train * Jumping off the edge to commit a suicide * Though in my head it burns * I'm reaching for assistance * Crying out for help or hell * To stop this internal resistance * Only to discover * You are not my lover * Heaven teaches me a lesson in life * In love * In everything that matters * In everything I'm dreaming for * Help me to believe * Hold me in your arms tonight or thoughts * Stay with me forever * Now and then I think I'm clever * I swear * I hear your voice calling out my name * Shouting loud enough inside a whisper and the wind * It's enough to wake my heart from its slumber * Even though it's just a thing * To walk away is easy * To laugh at me would rip me all apart * And I would surely cry * And to lose my faith is evil * To lose my chance with you is a death within a die * A tear inside a cry *

Heaven teaches me a lesson * In life * In love * In the pouring rain * And in everything I'm praying for * Helps me to believe * Hold me in the warmth of your glow tonight * I'm a child of mediocrity * So stay with me forever * Or until I pass away inside of my sleep * And if this love is true * Then I belong to you * And you belong on the edge of the universe * Or with me * Or between the sky and the roaring sea * I will call you home * If you promise to never leave * ME * And heaven teaches me another lesson * In life * In love * In the manner that you scold me * And tease me * In everything I'm dreaming of * Everything I believe * Help me to theorize correctly the feelings you withhold from me like taxes * Hold me in your arms tonight * Or thoughts * Stay with me forever *

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