Monday, June 29, 2015

My Truest Heart

MY TRUEST HEART - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Come and explore my love
My truest heart
Incarnate your soul deep within my own 
Make me believe in your truest heart 
And not in the dark regions of ones alone 

Lay your sacred kiss across my tongue 
Plague me with your evil and disgust
Excite me again
Be the demon of lust and disease
Be true to my truest heart 

If your innocence is truly pure 
And Divine 
As I believe it to be so
Then so shall your truest heart be real
For me and only 

Murder me with your disregard 
And you shouldn't ever be disregarded beyond 
The clouded particles of love 

My truest heart replies 
"I can't be murdered twice, but a million times."
And dwelling in this is that of which is untrue 
So my truest heart shall be ultimately murdered
By you

All of you and none shall be victorious in this battle
In the heart lives the quest 
All of you shall perish and perish all of you shall
For myself - In the hand of the Lord I shall be

A congregation of warriors that break bread together
Now standing alone in the room of my repent 
And in the midst of my stead, my truest heart 
I shall always remember your name 

Explore my love and come 

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