Monday, June 1, 2015

World Of Strange Powers

WORLD OF STRANGE POWERS - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Who would have known it? 
Who would have believed? 
It's a richy situation called rising star disease 

It's a world of strange powers
An average persons dream 
To be caught in the manifest of rising star disease 

The 'Ronas' they are talking 
But she or they can't see
The hidden mystic avalanche of rising star disease 

So, buckle up your freedom 
It comes so easily 
When you get cornered and then get labeled with rising star disease 

You can't miss so live in bliss 
Accept the kiss with any twist 

You just want to make it
Riches beyond your dreams
It's a wild invitation called rising star disease 

Who would have seen it coming?
Who would have believed? 
Just one step from the winners circle of rising star disease 

The pressure starts to mount you
It could topple so quickly
Frustrating kind of sweet temptation called rising star disease 

You want it
You got to have it 
You can taste it 
You want to digest it 

Money's for the making 
Get what you can conceive 
Far into a fantasy of rising star disease 

You just want to make it 
Riches beyond your dreams 
There is no mistaking that rising star disease

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