Sunday, November 15, 2015

Burning At Both Ends

BURNING AT BOTH ENDS - Written by Carroll Bryant 

I can't stand this mess 
I wish I could get out of here 
It's growing old 

I won't stand for less 
Than to be a millionaire 
With my pot of gold 

Working nine to five might be good to survive 
But I want to enjoy my life 

So I'll be working real hard to get the credit cards 
In so that I can enjoy it right 
I can't stand this mess
I wish I could get out of here 
I'm growing old

I won't stand for less
Than to live without fear
And enjoy my pot of gold

Punching in and out isn't what it's all about
All I want is to enjoy my life

So I'll be working real hard to tear this city apart
In so that I can enjoy it right

I feel like I'm burning at both ends
In a place full of strangers there is no friend 
This city isn't everything it appears to be 
I got a million kinds of hope inside a million kind of dreams

A pocketful of nothing and I don't care
I'm gonna own this city so you best beware 
And when I find the right girl we will escape 
In my own private jet flying to our special place 

I'm gonna leave this shit all behind 
Gotta use these streets with a clever mind
There is nobody who will give it for free
And if there is then I know they won't give it to me 

So watch my smoke and count my speed
And if you get in my way then I'll make you bleed
Because I'm crazy
I'm a desperate young man
I got a lock stock ticket and a fool proof plan
And I'm outta here 

Punching in with a clock has really gotta stop
It's time to enjoy the ride

Get out from this hell and this gutter grease smell
It's time to enjoy my life

Working nine to five only gets you by
I don't want to just survive 
I want to get it right 
And now is the time 

..... I'm outta here ...

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