Friday, November 27, 2015

Mother, Mother

MOTHER, MOTHER - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Mother, mother
The other children all laugh at me 
They say that I am ugly

Mother, mother
I feel like a refugee 
I'm sinking inside of my legacy 

What does it all mean?
I seek comfort in your arms

Explain to me why
I'm the one who cries
Nobody wants to be my friend
Tell me who I am 

"You are my son. My growing young man. Forgive those little hands that punish you. The answers will come to you someday. One day. As everything will change again someday. One day. While reason hides inside events that you can't comprehend. Everything will work itself out in time. Be brave."

Mother, mother
I will forgive those hands
I will forgive those hearts 

Mother, mother
Just be there for my needs
And I will be everything I can be

You heal the pain 

"You're my little boy. You're my little joy. When you become a man, you will understand. Be brave."

I will try and be brave
I will try and understand
And everything will change to his plan

Be brave - I am


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