Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bermuda Triangle

BERMUDA TRIANGLE - Written by Carroll Bryant

Where the mystery awakens 
That is where the air is fresh and sweet
Where the people are taken
That is where beliefs love to feed

Information has a need

Presumption lives a lonely life
Angels are faceless dreams
Mutants are roaming the waves
Spirits are passionately screaming

Where the zenith shines upon you
That is where the wounds of god will heal 
Where the power of the stone is true
That is where the swords of justice kill

Begging to be believed 

And vulgar is vulgar 
Where others have passionately died 
Treason is lonely 
Firmament is deluding angels 
And you to be deleted 
Lost in the devils triangle 

Swimming profusely 
Drowning seductively 
Lost in the electrical fog

Lost in the devils home

A beggar once accosted me
I fought him off
I cursed him

I gave him the future of a ghost 

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