Friday, May 29, 2015

It Would Be Lonely

IT WOULD BE LONELY - Written by Carroll Bryant 

So many things in this world is so confusing 
So many times I just want to run away
And then when my mind says to leave when I'm losing
You talk some sense into me and then I see right away
That I would be lonely in a room with a million
A city with a billion
And a world with a trillion 
If you were not there or if you didn't care
I wouldn't be the person you see
You're the kind of special sister that every brother needs 

You're so unselfish and giving everyday 
And it's about time that I finally say
That life without you would be oh, so overbearing 
It's just that your heart is so full of graceful caring 

It would lonely

Maybe I need to be more understanding 
I try so hard with the love I have for you 
And you're realistic and so undemanding 
You're more than a relation and friend 
And life without you would be so hard to face 
No one could ever take your place 
You accept me despite all of my mistakes 
You're so forgiving 
And it sure would be lonely without you
You're a special kind of sister 

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