Sunday, February 7, 2016

Days That Pass (Part 4)

DAYS THAT PASS (PART 4) - Written by Carroll Bryant

And the days that pass didn't seem to last
Nobody cries
Nobody laughs 
And everyone just sat there
Day after lifeless day 
The only words spoken were words of pray 

They prayed for the end 
They prayed for a friend 
They prayed for the sinners
And then they prayed again 

They prayed for me
They prayed for you 
They prayed for the light of god
To shine upon them too
They prayed in his name to come and stop the pain 
They prayed for Jesus to lend a helping hand
And then they prayed again 

But the days that pass
And the time drew near
Until days that pass brought us all to here

The morning of someone's execution
Someone's last day on earth
Someone's life evaluation

Imagine to the rest
To be shown the best this world has to offer
And then you know at last
That days have certainly passed

So from the camera's eye 
We witness ourselves to die
Maybe for no reason 
Maybe not unsubscribed 

Has everyone gone mad?
Some look a little sad 
Some were probably unhappy 
Others were probably glad

And the days that pass
Are days that passed
Are times we lost
And won't get back 

And days that pass will pass

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