Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Got A Broken Heart

I GOT A BROKEN HEART - Written by Carroll Bryant 

It's been such a really long time and I wanna call you tonight
Just to see how you're doing and what's going on 
Hoping everything is all right 
I still can't believe that we're broken up and living completely apart
I still can't believe I'm still in love 
And I got a broken heart 

It always gets colder come early September when winter is coming on 
And I'm getting older and my face gets more wrinkled 
I spend more and more days all alone 
I still can't believe I haven't been able to make me a whole brand new start 
I still can't believe you no longer like me
And I got a broken heart 

Well, can't you hear my soul crying?
All of this pain going in vain 
All of these bitter sweet memories
Leaves me in the rain and going insane 

Each night it's getting harder and harder and you know how I fear the dark 
Each night reminds me that I am so lonely
And I got a broken heart 

I got a broken heart 

Where's my new beginning? 
Where is my new life?
Where is my new love affair? 
Where is my new wife?

There is no new fire 
There isn't even a spark 
There is no desire because I got a broken heart 

I got a broken heart

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