Saturday, June 10, 2017

Peace In My Eyes

PEACE IN MY EYES - Written by Carroll Bryant 

Watching from a distance I can see
The armies marching away
Explosions rock my heart and soul
Watching with nothing to say 

Falling to my knees
I whisper something that I know to be
The truth and nothing but true lies
The world around me still going crazy
But there's peace in my eyes

Living in the middle of the past of what you know
You gave to me
Willing to receive and then reject it
Just because you deceive me

Falling to my knees
I wonder what I will do to hide my needs
From the pleasure of your disguise 
Your love will be the hell in me
But there's peace in my eyes

I can control not a single thing
What they say, the papers, I know they try 
It comes and goes until they wash your brain 
You can wash it all away (to hell)
But there's peace in my eyes

Sleeping at the end of a victory
The bodies of the victims play in a massive grave
No token of appreciation do we believe in
To be given to the ones that we are left to blame 

Falling to my knees 
I shudder to the thought of bleeding
Coming from my eyes and asking why we call ourselves mankind
Your blood will be my stain forever 
But there will be peace in my eyes 

Your blood and I will be together 
But there will be peace in my eyes

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